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4876Re: [midatlanticretro] anyone doing any vintage computing tonight?

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  • B. Degnan
    Feb 1, 2007
      yes to question 1, Kelly will be better to answer your 2nd question but
      usually it's the drive not the controller. when I get a cylinder 0 head 0
      error, that means possibly that it's not a compatible drive. what do you
      know about the hard drive?

      At 11:32 PM 2/1/2007 -0500, you wrote:
      >On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, B. Degnan wrote:
      > > Me? I am working on some old disk drives, basically taking each one and
      > > testing on a RadioShack Coco II with a 502 FD cart/adapter.
      > I spent the evening cleaning up my just acquired Model I Expansion
      >Interface, and checking it out. Question: when you <BREAK> to get into
      >BASIC when no drives are attached, what should "PRINT MEM" display? The
      >EI has 32KB installed, but the MEM command only shows the 16KB (15,772)
      >in the system unit. Is that normal?
      > I also had a chance to hook up a replacement hard drive on my Model
      >6000HD. Same problem as with the two drives that came with it: trying to
      >format with diskutil gives an error saying that cylinder 0, head 0 is bad
      >so the drive is unuseable. Looks like the controller board may have a
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