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4810An Ode to KIM

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  • rkushnier
    Jan 15, 2007
      OH! Brother! There's no telling what you'll find in a stack of old
      papers! :-)

      An Ode to Kim
      by Ron Kushnier
      Circa 1983

      A board of glass and copper lands
      Of magic chips and carbon sands
      Of exotic metals tightly bound
      To time a charge, or pass to ground

      Of L.E.D.s in a format set
      To show us answers...
      Of problems met

      Of finger pads for input such
      To provide response...
      For every touch

      This little board whose application
      Was just to train...
      Found innovation

      And provided users everywhere
      With a platform grand...
      And beyond compare

      The multi-talents of many people
      Produced results...
      Which were unequaled

      And though its golden years may dim
      Let's not forget...
      The little Kim
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