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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jan 14, 2007
      Yet another fun day at InfoAge today. Each week on Sunday we get a few more
      visitors than the prior week. Today about 30 people visited in the 1-4pm
      span, including my parents, who wanted to know where I've been spending all
      my time. :)

      The diving club has a conflict for Feb. 10, but we'll still have a MARCH
      workday. I hope that a bunch of people can attend since there's been plenty
      of notice this time. There are many big jobs on our to-do list, so we can
      work in small groups, take turns, whatever. Some of the tasks are:
      - Tear down interior walls of room 9032-A for use as lots more VCF East
      - Get a bunch of the computers in our preview room working for Sunday demos
      - Rearrange the computers in our museum area / do more painting in there,

      All of these jobs are equally important. The deconstruction of 9032-A is
      the most timely task, but we can't all work on it simultaneously, since
      there are only so many hammers and crowbars. Working on computers in our
      preview room is obviously the most fun task and the main reason we're here.
      Renovating our museum area is the long-term goal, and it's very satisfying
      every time we get one more room painted, etc. -- real and tangible progress,
      you know?

      Personally, I'm doing as much as I can, when I can. I always arrive early
      on Sunday and stay late after the Wedneday meetings -- I'll work on a
      computer, tear down half a wall, or contribute to helping one of the many
      InfoAge-wide projects. Believe it or not, I've even painted and installed
      carpet. Plenty of other MARCHins have done great things -- Bob Grieb was on
      his hands and knees chiseling concrete in the InfoAge lounge room a few
      months ago! That's real devotion.

      I might go again tomorrow if nothing's happening because of MLK day. As
      usual, I'll take all the help I can get for these impromptu days. The
      biggest thing to remember is that all of the dozens of little tasks do add
      up to the major goal, that is, finishing the facility restoration and
      concentrating on museum exhibits. Not every hour of volunteering has to be
      spent on a huge project.

      If I go tomorrow, then I'll probably arrive in the late morning, so ping me
      tonight if possible.

      - Evan
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