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4786MARCH 2007 Membership Drive -- PLEASE READ

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jan 8, 2007
      Hi all,

      It's time again for me to nag people about making their annual MARCH
      membership donation. Just like last year, the suggested donation is $20.
      This is NOT required but is GREATLY appreciated.

      Where's the money go to? Some big examples:

      1. Liability insurance. Hosting events like the VCF and a museum is risky,
      and we're legally required to have insurance. Our current policy is $440
      per year for $1 million coverage. That's a standard amount and it's the
      lowest price we could find (we got it through the same agent used by
      InfoAge.) Our bill will be due in the springtime and everything goes to
      heck if we can't pay the bill.

      2. Museum expenses. InfoAge usually pays for the capital expenses, such as
      carpet, paint, etc., but we pay for displays, bookshelves, tables, signs,
      club advertising / marketing, lunch during work days, rental trucks for big
      rescues, and myriad small / unexpected items.

      3. Event expenses. Events like the VCF, swapmeet, and holiday party aren't
      cheap. We buy things like food, t-shirts, office supplies, electrician
      services, some audio-visual services, tools, etc.

      4. My pocket .... NOT !!!!! That's the coolest thing about MARCH.
      Everything we do is purely for the benefit of our fellow collectors. If
      anything, me and Bill D. and Jim S., etc. have actually spent some of our
      own money for the club. We don't mind, but we have to keep it under

      Last year we did turn a modest profit at the VCF East, but most of it has
      now been allocated. Just like shareware or PBS, our major source of income
      is user donations. Whenever possible we will provide member perks, such as
      reducted exhibit fees at VCF, etc., and we're constantly trying to think of
      new ways to give members exclusive perks -- we're open to suggestions for
      that! Regardless, $20 is a miniscule amount to pay for a whole year of
      supporting the club. The benefit that you get back in terms of "Good karma"
      and "FUN!!!" easily exceeds the dollar amount. It's not even close.

      We have just under 150 people on this mailing list. I'd really like to see
      a minimum of 20% of us make a donation -- that would be 30 people -- which
      would net us $600 to work with in addition to the little bit left over from
      2006. Of course, it's perfectly find to donate more than $20 if you have
      the devotion and the means!

      Just like last year, there are two exceptions: 1., anybody younger than 18
      gets a free pass to membership; 2., we'll accept donations of rectangular
      utility tables and large display cases as an alternative to money (since we
      have to buy that stuff anyhow) but it's required that you speak with me
      about the items before making the donation. (We don't currently have any
      need for generic computer desks.)

      If you plan to donate, then please do not procrastinate. The sooner we get
      our 2007 budget into shape, the sooner we can execute on some big projects,
      and the sooner I quit nagging and return the conversation to vintage
      computers. :-)

      We accept payments via the web (paypal) and by cash/check. Jim Scheef, our
      treasurer, will provide the details.

      Thanks for supporting MARCH!!!! As always, please contact me with ANY
      comments / questions / suggestions. evan@... (or now
      evan@...) or cell - 646.546.9999, afternoons/evening only.

      - Evan "da prez" Koblentz
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