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4785Size of our museum space

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jan 7, 2007
      Today I measured our exhibit space in the under-renovation museum area,
      a.k.a. our section of building 9032-C. We have approximately 960 square
      feet, arranged as approximately 12x80 and divided into four rooms. For
      those who haven't seen it, a couple of the rooms have interconnecting doors,
      and we're allowed to put similar doors between the other rooms.

      Also, I can now be the MARCH staffer for most Sundays, since my Giants are
      out of the NFL playoffs. :( But it still would be good to have other
      MARCHins be there sometimes (not just for work days), not only to give me a
      break but for everyone to get involved and enjoy our hard work.

      Today I also put a small square table into the center of our preview room,
      so now there's a place to sit, eat, read, do lightweight repair work, use a
      laptop, etc. while we staff that room on Sundays. (It's open 1-4.)

      Another new thing is that the InfoAge lobby now has a map of all sections
      which are open to the public. All of the rooms are numbered and it's
      relatively impressive when you add 'em all up! Our room happens to be #1
      since we're the first exhibit room next to the lobby. Conveniently, we're
      also directly across from a men's room.

      Most of the computers in this preview room are in pretty good shape. I'd
      like to get as many of them working as possible, simultaneously with our
      efforts to renovate the 9032 section in the next building. Right now our
      preview room looks great but it'll be so much more exciting, as we planned
      all along, when visitors can see things alive and computing! Even the
      blinkenlights on the Altair.

      - Evan