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4770RE: [midatlanticretro] Next big work day: Feb. 10

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jan 4, 2007
      All of the buildings at the base were checked for / cleared of hazardous substances before being turned over to us.  That's part of the contract between the Pentagon and Wall Township.  There is some lead-based paint but all that means is you wear a mask when necessary.  In this case, 99% of the work is with bare sheetrock.

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      Hopefully none of the walls in that old facility have any hazardous substances?
      Were the walls more recent than the rest of the building?
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      Forgot to mention -- demolishing the inside walls was FUN. :)

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      Our next big work day is Saturday, Feb. 10. This is a joint work day with
      the NJHDA (New Jersey Historic Diving Association) since we share our wing
      at InfoAge with them. We'll work on demolishing the inside of the 9032-A
      wing -- which will become the second event room, right down the hall from
      the current event room -- since both MARCH and NJHDA need more space for our
      events this spring/summer. Fred, Steve, and I did some "test demolishing"
      tonight after the board meeting and it went very well. We developed a good
      technique for demolishing without creating too much mess, and for reusing
      some of the inside wall materials that we're removing. Best of all, we
      found a technique that moves along quickly and without any extreme physical
      labor! So with a few of our people and a few of the divers, we can knock
      out this whole event room in one solid day. Then the VCF East 4.0 can be
      literally TWICE as big this year than last year. It will also be an impress
      project that MARCH can take some credit for on behalf of InfoAge --
      something that's good for the whole museum, not just for our club.

      I might also call for one or two informal work days this month, to be

      By the way, if anyone happens to be around at random times, then try to ping
      me or Steve or Fred -- there are always small projects that need doing, but
      there are never enough people to do them!

      - Evan

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