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4748Bill's plan for a disk boot archive distribution network

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  • B. Degnan
    Dec 31, 2006
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      Bill, if your willing to brainstorm a bit on data requirements, I'd be happy to make some of my initial documentation available, along with some disk images.

      Here is my plan for a boot disk archive:

      1) A person goes to a central location to review a comprehensive list of all boot disks available in the archive

      2) The person scans the list and then contacts the library/archivist to request a copy of the diskette(s)

      3) The archivist acts as a go-between for the requestor, and contacts the person(s) who have agreed to burn a copy of the requested boot disk

      4) In one form or another the requestor gets confirmation and an address to send a SASE containing a blank diskette of the required media.

      5) The archivist or associate of the archive makes a copy of the requested boot disk using the disk sent by the requestor and mails it back in the SASE. It is presumed that the disk is tested on the type of system native to the boot disk or the equivalent.

      6) A friendly request for a donation to MARCH (the archivists) is also included?

      I like the idea of an Internet resource for downloading boot disks, but it would be so much easier if they disks were burned directly from the original system rather than converted back and forth. Some boot disks are just too hard to transfer to and from the Internet. It's so much easier to test on the real McCoy as well. In addition to being a good hobbyist citizen it's good to exercise these systems, keeping them in working order by making boot disks.

      I would be willing to participate in such a project as coordinator/list maintainer via the marchclub.org web site.   I probably will move forward and set something up, but I am busy and it may be a few months before I am ready.  In the mean time, please feel free to email me directly if you're interested in being being a supplier of boot disks, and what systems, and what OS/versions you have.

      Bill Degnan
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