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4745Re: [midatlanticretro] boot disk archive - can we - how to - etc

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  • B. Degnan
    Dec 30 7:52 PM
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      It was Kelly L not me.

      I am all for the all-in-one solution, but I still think that if you have a
      working system it's your "responsibility" to keep it going and make copies
      of the boot disks, if any, and be prepared to share. For now this is the
      only sure-fire way. We can make a new database in our Yahoo group for
      which in the mean time will at least document who has what while someone
      makes the super system. I have found it infinitely easier to make a disk
      from the actual system rather than copy from here to there and back
      again. This in my opinion is why no one has successfully pulled off much
      of a universal storage of boot kernels.



      >Someone (BillD?) has built a machine with various size floppy drives. The
      >next challenge is an OS that can read/write to all of the drives in the
      >formats required (single/double density, single/double side, etc.) and
      >create an image file like an ISO file of a CD. This needs to be a current
      >OS that is in current development so that it can be run on modern (and
      >future) equipment. Linux is probably the best option for long term
      >support. Unfortunately , there is precious little interest for this in the
      >general computing community. Most people want to do what's new, not what's
      >old, so new is where the energy goes.
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