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4742Re: [midatlanticretro] any vintage computers under the tree/minorrah/etc?

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  • B Degnan
    Dec 30, 2006
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      >I need the xerox 820, televideo 802, NEC-APC 8" dos and/or cpm86 and
      Victor 9000 cp/m.

      I can make a CP/M boot disk that should work on an 820, but it will be 8"
      I have cp/m 86 disks for the Xerox in 5 /14", but they are untested
      because I have no 5 1/4 drive for the xerox.

      I have a lot of Televideo disks in 5 1/4" that I believe would work for an
      802, but they are untested and not originals. I do not have an 802. I do
      have a Televideo TS 816, which is from this era but does not use a disk
      drive, it's a server with a tape drive for I/O. I have a Telev 801
      terminal that I use to hook up the 816. You could in theory hook an 802
      up to the 816 and format a diskette by using the 816 OS? I also have
      original cp/m disks for newer Televideos (CP/M 2.2), but I am not sure
      that they would work on the 802.

      I have no NEC APC DOS 8".

      I have mostly cpm/86 stuff for the Commodore B700 w. 8088 co-processor,
      but I may have one cp/m 86 for the IBM PC, I have to check/test.

      I do not have anything for the Victor9000, I have never even seen on of
      these in person before.

      MS/IBM DOS's - I have originals with binders of every major MS DOS release
      except for 1.x.

      If anyone sends me a SASE with a diskette and specifies what they need, I
      can try to make a copy and return it to you. The disk must be used for
      "educational/historical purposes" only. Please contact me in advance to
      be sure I have what you're looking for. Although a central archive of
      boot disks is a nice thing to attempt, as long as at least two of us have
      any one kind of working system capable of generating a boot disk and is
      willing to provide the service of making copies/loaners we accomplish the
      same goal. If anyone wants to travel to the DE/MD/PA border, they are
      welcome to bring their hardware projects/use mine for building a boot
      disk/restoration work at my house. I have plenty of space.

      Bill Degnan-
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