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4735any vintage computers under the tree/minorrah/etc?

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  • billdeg
    Dec 26, 2006
      Not for me, but here is a list of some recent additions to my collection

      1973 Paddleball Arcade machine. This is a Williams PONG clone. Takes
      dimes. Needs a new transformer. Worked up to 2004, I was told. The
      display is OK. Owned by Cassidy of atarionline.com, donated to Mark of
      phillyclassic.com, sold to me.

      Xerox 820 - II. with hard drive/disk drive unit, in original boxes -
      Works! I have been able to make copies of the system disks if anyone
      has an 820-II and needs a boot disk or wants to attempt to format a
      same system's hard drive.

      Tandy Radio Shack pocket computer - works OK, screen is a little burned.

      Also, on 12/16/06
      Bryan POP gave me some disk drives - thanks!
      CBM 8250 dual IEEE drive - needs some TLC
      CBM 2031 single IEEE drive - needs a new DOS ROM (I think...5 beeps is
      the error code) I hope to pull one from a more common and sacrifice-
      able VIC 1541 drive

      Bill D
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