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4733OT - holiday traditions

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  • Jim Scheef
    Dec 23, 2006
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      Evan and all,

      I read most of the Festivus page on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Festivus) as I had never heard of it (I never watched Seinfeld.) and Yahoo refused to translate it into English. As a holiday, it has merit, but years ago when my kinds were younger and we had a Christmas tree, I decorated it with lights and lift tickets. Before ski areas started dispensing lift tickets from barcode printers, they were colorful with fancy logos and sometimes a special stamp to identify the day. I have accumulated hundreds over the years.

      -- May you enjoy the holiday traditions of your religious persuasion. If you have no religious persuasion, may you not be bothered by those who do.

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      You forgot Happy Festivus!