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4714Re: Update: RE: [midatlanticretro] Official "Who's coming to the holiday party?" thread

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  • Jeffrey Frady
    Dec 15, 2006
      Holy crap!  I thought that was right.  I've been spelling it that way for 2 years!

      On 15/12/06, Joe Giliberti < Starbase89@...> wrote:

      Jeff, I've known you for over two years now. Learn how to spell my name!!!
      just kidding.

      On 12/15/06, Jeffrey Frady < Legodude522@...> wrote:

      I will be going tomorrow!  I just got the info from Bryan.  I might be bringing Joe Gilberti along.

      On 11/12/06, Evan Koblentz < evan@...> wrote:

      Sridhar is coming. Possibly Jim S. and Jeff as well. Kelly and Ray can't
      make it, nor Matt or newbie Jim K.

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      According to Bryan:

      Bryan Pope (duh)
      Evan Koblentz (duh)
      Bill Degnan
      Andy Meyer
      Greg Manuel

      Our group has 145 list members. I hope we can do better than 3.45 percent
      attendance!! LOL even a few of our work days involved more than five
      people, and partying is way more fun than painting.

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