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47Re: Two months until TCF...

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  • evan947
    Feb 10, 2005
      Oops, made a typo: I wrote "turns out I had two of the resistors in
      backwards" -- meant that I had resistor #1 where resistor #2 belongs,
      and vice-versa -- Bill P. pointed out that there is no such thing as
      "backwards" for resistors.

      The only thing backwards is my pathetic electrical engineering skills!
      LOL, what do you expect, I studied industrial design in college. So
      I can draw something or mold something or make something into an
      assembly line. Just don't ask me to wire it. :)

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "evan947" <evan947@y...>
      > Hi everyone... so there are two months until TCF... how are your
      > efforts to get everything in working order?
      > I hope to finish the portable version of my Apple 1 replica this
      > weekend. Fitting all of the parts inside the old PowerBook shell is
      > going to be tougher than I expected. It will work, but it will be a
      > very tight fit, which means it will also be too challenging to
      > deconstruct into a more authentic-looking Apple 1 design (i.e.,
      > case, desktop form factor). But I will bring some photos of a real
      > Apple 1 so people can compare them. Most important, there will be
      > some software demos. (I acquired the non-volatile IC mentioned in
      > last email about this project.)
      > Finally got the batteries I needed from BatteriesPlus, in Whippany,
      > -- if you go there, ask for Rick, he was very helpful. I bought two
      > packs of five cells each; the cells are C-size nicads, 1.2v, 3000ma.

      > Rick explained to me that his store actually welds on the battery
      > tabs, instead of soldering them, for strength and to avoid putting
      > much heat into contact with the cells. Cool. After that, I stopped
      > at TechToys (a big r/c hobby shop) in the nearby town of Parsippany,
      > and bought a variable amperage AC/DC quick (peak) charger from a
      > company called Duratrax (fond memories of my teenage r/c days!).
      > Vince (the replica kit's creator) was able to troubleshoot why my
      > replica board worked with a TV but not with the LCD screen -- turns
      > out I had two of the resistors in backwards (doh!) so there wasn't
      > enough voltage getting to the LCD. (I'm not clear on why the LCD
      > stricter voltage requirements than the TV... oh well.)
      > The final step, before I assemble it all into the laptop this
      > is to build a simple voltage regulator to convert the 12v from the
      > batteries into 5v for the board. I found an extremely simple way of
      > making this, and put the .PDF diagram into the "Files" section of
      > Yahoo group.
      > So, if anyone hears about an electrical fire or a terrible Dremel
      > accident this weekend in central NJ, you can assume it was me. :)
      > -- Evan "Case modder gone bad" Koblentz
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