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  • Greg N Shari (GMail)
    Dec 11, 2006
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      Do you eat cheese at all? If so, I can put together and bring a vegetarian lasagna for you. If not, I am sure I can come up with some other vegetarian dish you would enjoy if you can make it to the party.
      Greg Manuel
      P.S. What time will the party be???
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      Bryan Pope wrote:
      > For all those who are coming (and for those who are still on the fence -
      > it is going to be fun, so you want to be part of it!!) :) ,
      > I am now thinking of making a crockpot of chili plus a couple of
      > lasagnas... The lasagnas would have had their sauce simmered to get the
      > best flavour and the noodles would be al dente. I have got rave reviews
      > for my lasagna before so I think you all will like it. (Instead of
      > ricotta I use cottage cheese) As for the chili, it will also be
      > slow-cooked to perfection.. . add hot sauce to adjust the heat.
      > There will also be a deli tray with fresh meats and cheeses plus fresh
      > rolls and another tray with veggies.. Also, someone will be bringing
      > their mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies. I get the first one! :)
      > I will also have a big pot of hot mulled apple cider! Yum! You add
      > your own rum if you want to.. For dessert how about pumpkin and apple
      > pies? (Bought!, but they will be good) with whipped cream....
      > Please bring snack thingies and also hard and/or soft drinks, or be
      > creative! :)

      I'd love to come, but being a teetotaling vegetarian, not many of those
      dietary choices would work for me. 8-/

      Peace... Sridhar

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