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4665RE: [midatlanticretro] Top 10 List of Mid-Atlantic CompSci Vendors(was) Syntrex Aquarius II

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Dec 6, 2006
      No top 10 list needed. We'll just use common sense (i.e., have we heard of
      them, or were they a little outfit?) and exhibit space will be an issue as

      @ VCF -- low priority right now.

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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Top 10 List of Mid-Atlantic CompSci Vendors(was)
      Syntrex Aquarius II


      At 09:18 PM 12/5/2006 -0500, you wrote:
      >It's interesting to MARCH because of its local angle, certainly not
      >because of its technology. I'd rather see us take it than not. Bill,
      >if we have to buy it, then cc: me and Jim privately.

      New Topic:
      Does anyone have a opinion/list of the key 1950's-->1980's vendors of
      computer hardware and/or software who operated their headquarters in the mid
      atlantic region during that time? What are the top 10 or 15 that we should
      be concentrating on? Is there a criteria for defining qualifying vendors
      aside from their operation/manufacturing location? Should our MARCH booth at
      the yearly VCF's focus on one vendor at a time or vote on the vendor of the
      year, etc. ?

      P.S. I just picked up on Ebay a really cool 6502-based computer that has a
      custom(?) Exatron stringy floppy drive peripheral. Merry Christmas to me.
      I'll write more about it when I get it. May the gods of packing material
      bless this package.

      ¿ß¡¶ Dë¢ñ@ñ?

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