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4565RE: [midatlanticretro] Old Computer books

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Nov 22, 2006
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      There is some room upstairs in the hotel building designated for an InfoAge library.  We've been collecting a lot of magazines lately (thanks to David T., Ray S., and others), so I will talk to Fred about MARCH possibly maintaining a computer section.  (I'll see him at the next InfoAge board meeting which is Wednesday.)  I think we'd be good InfoAge citizens for doing that, and it would liberate some of our storage space.

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      Great stuff! Just the type of things for the vintage enthusiast. However, right now we have no good place at InfoAge for the library. Can you accumulate these items for a few months?


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      Hi Guys,
      One of my jobs as Member Services Director for the Philadelphia Area
      COmputer Society is to supply stuff for our monthly "Give-away"
      Table. As such, I scour the local libraries for old computer book
      donations. PACS members, though, seem to prefer the newer material.
      I've been recycling what's left at the end of each month, but if the
      museum plans a library, I'll be happy to save them all for you. Books
      include subjects like Visicalc, BASIC, Inside the IBM PC, RTL, DOS,
      etc. from the early 1980's.

      Let me know. I can save up a pile, and drop them off at InfoAge.


      Ron Kushnier

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