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4448Report from VCF

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  • B Degnan
    Nov 3, 2006
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      Quick report from the VCF

      1) My soldering iron, crimper and soldersucker were confisgated at
      the airport. (I am signed up for the PICO workshop) I tried to explain
      that my bomb was checked with my luggage and that there was no danger
      because it still needed few more solders... but they did not see
      it my way. The thing that makes me mad is that I took the items
      to the security office before I tried to pass through to see if I
      needed to check the items. I was told no, they were OK. Then I
      went through the 599 person line to find out that they changed their
      mind. No biggie, there is a nearby RaDIO ShACK.

      2) tONIGHT I am going to the coputer history museum (where the vcf
      is held) tonight to help out. It will be fun to put the names to
      the faces of people I have known through email but never met. First
      however I am exhaused...going to take a nap. my body thinks it's
      9:30pm, not 6:30

      3) I am not exhibiting. I do plan to make a video of the event.

      4) I am using one of these roll up keyboards. Forgive my typos.
      I would give it a C-

      Take care


      -- E N D --
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