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4446Re: [midatlanticretro] Big haul of books

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Nov 2, 2006
      Long-term loans are fine with me.

      > On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Jim Scheef wrote:
      >> Almost all of the books, manuals and guides are the type of materials I
      >> want us to accumulate in the MARCH Reference Library. Hopefully this
      >> library will become a valuable resource for people restoring and using
      >> vintage computers and software.
      > Cool, I'm glad you're interested.
      >> To help get the library going I plan to donate all of the installation
      >> guides and manuals I've accumulated over the years for various PC
      >> adapter cards. Remember when adapter cards had jumpers and switches?
      >> Documentation for boards and computers sold before the Internet are hard
      >> or impossible to find online. Our library can provide a central
      >> respository to fill that void.
      > That's what I think too.
      >> Your reluctance to donate all your stuff outright is understandable. We
      >> will need to develop means to document ownership of artifacts on load to
      >> both the museum and the library that does not deface the item yet still
      >> allows for it's use (on site) by members. In the meatime, please hold
      >> your haul while we work with InfoAge on space, obtain book shelves and
      >> filing cabinets, etc.
      > The reason I say 'indefinite loan' is becasue I've seen way too many
      > volunteer-run organizations come and go over the years. Sometimes vibrant
      > groups would die literally overnight... I hope this never happens to
      > MARCH, but in the unfortunate case it does, I'd like to know that I can
      > recover my donations and they won't be completely lost. Another reason
      > I've heard for 'indefinite loan' type donations (though I'm not sure I buy
      > it) is that, since the loaned items are not technically the museum's
      > property, they cannot be confiscated by the bank if the museum becomes
      > financially liable for huge sums of money, for example due to lawsuit.
      > Alexey
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