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4441Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Vintagecomputer.net Updates

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  • B. Degnan
    Oct 30, 2006
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      > >
      > Nice updates to your site!
      >1) the California Computer System is a S-100 chassis (case, power
      >supply, presumably motherboard) with non-CCS boards in it, such as the
      >Jade Z80 card. The software to run that system will be defined by the
      >cards inside of it, most notibly the floppy disk controller card. I
      >don't know that you can "call" it a CCS "system" just because of the
      >box. Many many S-100 systems consisted of variety of cards: that was
      >the point of the S-100 bus. I've identified over *100* S-100

      Old Byte and Kilobauds are full way outstuff. I have a lot more pictures
      of the cards, etc. to still post. The CCS.

      >2) The "particle counter" looks like a test instrument built around a
      >Commodore business computer. Can you identify if it is in the
      >Commodore "package" or case and is simply repainted; or if the CBM
      >computer was "re-packaged" in a different case? It's interesting to
      >see either way.

      Yes it is a CBM 8296. more details

      >3) The Volscan article on your page is interesting. I don't know what
      >is the earliest "light pens" or "light gun" as the article described.
      >You might do a patent search. CRT's go back to the early 20th
      >century, but electronics to interpret a LIGHT signal from them would
      >be later. And "computers" with devices to combine visual feedback with
      >mechanical adjustment are at least as old as the Norman (sic?)
      >bombsight of WWII, which was a mechanical computer.

      I received a lot of info from the web on the Volscan. I am glad to have
      written about it. Thanks for the feedback.


      >Herb JOhnson
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