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4437Re: [midatlanticretro] Big haul of books

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  • Alexey Toptygin
    Oct 30, 2006
      On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Jim Scheef wrote:

      > Almost all of the books, manuals and guides are the type of materials I
      > want us to accumulate in the MARCH Reference Library. Hopefully this
      > library will become a valuable resource for people restoring and using
      > vintage computers and software.

      Cool, I'm glad you're interested.

      > To help get the library going I plan to donate all of the installation
      > guides and manuals I've accumulated over the years for various PC
      > adapter cards. Remember when adapter cards had jumpers and switches?
      > Documentation for boards and computers sold before the Internet are hard
      > or impossible to find online. Our library can provide a central
      > respository to fill that void.

      That's what I think too.

      > Your reluctance to donate all your stuff outright is understandable. We
      > will need to develop means to document ownership of artifacts on load to
      > both the museum and the library that does not deface the item yet still
      > allows for it's use (on site) by members. In the meatime, please hold
      > your haul while we work with InfoAge on space, obtain book shelves and
      > filing cabinets, etc.

      The reason I say 'indefinite loan' is becasue I've seen way too many
      volunteer-run organizations come and go over the years. Sometimes vibrant
      groups would die literally overnight... I hope this never happens to
      MARCH, but in the unfortunate case it does, I'd like to know that I can
      recover my donations and they won't be completely lost. Another reason
      I've heard for 'indefinite loan' type donations (though I'm not sure I buy
      it) is that, since the loaned items are not technically the museum's
      property, they cannot be confiscated by the bank if the museum becomes
      financially liable for huge sums of money, for example due to lawsuit.

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