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4429Big haul of books

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  • Alexey Toptygin
    Oct 29, 2006
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      I picked up 4 boxes of books (and some DOS games) from another local
      packrat. Big list follows. They're not in perfect condition, but not
      falling apart either. If you guys want to use any of them for the museum,
      I can loan them indefinitely (except maybe the Mac SE manuals, since I
      have an SE but no manuals for it until today). I'm also willing to sell
      some of the books I don't personally intend to read for a few bucks plus
      shipping. Let me know if you're interested or have any questions.


      IBM OS/2 2.1 boxed set (with floppies)
      Lattice C comiler 2.15 (with floppies)
      Lotus 1-2-3 boxed set (shrink-wrapped)
      IBM COBOL compiler, "updated" sticker (shrink-wrapped)
      Pfix86 Debugger 2.0 manual (with floppy)
      Code Base 4.03 (with floppies)
      Borland Sidekick manual and quick-reference card
      DEC PDP-11 Architecture Handbook 83-84
      DEC PDP-11 Software Handbook 84-85
      Rodnay Zaks - The CP/M handbook with MP/M
      Peter McWilliams - The Personal Computer Book
      subtitled "What Are Those Television-Typewriters Anyway?" :-)
      MacUser's 1001 Hints & Tips for the Macintosh
      CompuServe Information Service Subscription Kit (no floppies)
      Byte Magazine 15th anniverary edition (Jan 1990)
      Lead Tools 32 DLL for Windows manual
      Data Junction manual
      (was DataPlex, based on what's under the sticker on the cover)
      Aho, Sethi and Ullman - Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools
      Donald Waterman - A Guide to Expert Systems
      Martin Seyer - RS-232 Made Easy

      Macintosh SE Manual, Quick Reference card and New Features Update
      MultiFinder User's Guide
      Macintosh Utilities User's Guide
      MacDraw Manual
      MacWrite Manual
      ImageWriter II Owner's Manual

      Microsoft Fortran boxed set (shrink-wrapped)
      Microsoft C 5.1 Optimizing Compiler Manual and Quick Reference Guide
      Microsoft Excel Reference Guide (first 10 pages missing)
      (with Excel 2.10 floppies)
      Microsoft Works for Macintosh 1.1 Manuals (set of 2)
      Microsoft Windows SDK - The Windows Interface: An Application Design Guide
      Microsoft Win32 SDK:
      Win32s Programmer's Reference
      Software Compatibility Test
      Tool User's Guides (shrink-wrapped)
      Programming Techniques (shrink-wrapped)
      RPC Programmer's Guide and Reference (shrink-wrapped)
      Microsoft Test 1.0 User's Guide
      Microsoft Access:
      Getting Started
      Introduction to Programming
      Microsoft Windows NT 3.1:
      System Guide
      Hardware Compatibility List
      "Guide to Service And Support" card with NT serial number
      Microsoft Win32 Programmer's Reference (volumes 2-5)
      (volumes 3-5 shrink-wrapped)
      The Waite Group's Microsoft C Bible second edition
      Charles Pretzold - Programming Windows 95

      Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator
      Binary Systems' Starflight
      Star Wars: X Wing
      Star Wars: Dark Forces (CD-ROM)
      Stephen Walton's Starclash II
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