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4311Re: Bringing to swap fest

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  • Herb Johnson
    Oct 5, 2006
      --- Dan Veeneman <dan@...> wrote:
      > Herb,
      > Do you have prices in mind for the items you've listed?
      > Cheers,
      > Dan

      It's all I can do to review and gather what I have which fits the
      criteria; then decide what will fit in my station wagon! I will set
      prices if I can by Saturday. But these items are generally not part of
      my S-100 and earlier interests, I've not thought about them in years.
      Most of these items will not be tested and will be sold as-is; items
      known to work will be described accordingly but still offered AS IS.
      And I don't have prices determined yet.

      Nonetheless I don't plan to give them away either. I don't plan to
      drive over 100 miles each way to sell a computer for $5. And some
      items can have a value determined fairly easily and so I'll price them

      If you see something of interest LET ME KNOW. Even if we don't make a
      deal, a show of interest encourages me to bring it down; otherwise you
      might be disappointed.

      And...here are some additional items I've uncovered.

      * Toshiba T-1100 Plus laptop,
      in travel bag, A/C supply.
      * NEC Multispeed laptop, in travel bag,
      original manuals, A/C supply.
      * TI 99/4a with manuals
      * IBM Portable Personal Computer model 5155</b>.

      Details at the link below.


      Herb Johnson
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