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  • Herb Johnson
    Oct 3, 2006
      I'm finally getting time to review my stuff and see what I can bring
      to Deleware and which is older than 1990. It's still a lot of stuff,
      and I have a small station wagon. So I'm listing what I COULD bring on
      my Web site:


      and I'd like some feedback as to what people would like to see from
      that list. There are things like books and magazine that I COULD bring
      if someone will buy them, otherwise they take up space and weight. I
      have oscilloscopes which drew a little interest - but I need to know
      WHICH ONES to bring!

      Of course I have computers and plotters and stuff, many items not
      listed on my site. These were held for many years in the deep reaches
      of my basement..I mean my constant-temperature storage facility...and
      are only now coming to light!

      Regretably, I don't plan to bring much from the S-100 world. Next year
      things will be different; I'll push in 2007 for much more S-100 items
      and activities. But I'll try to list some S-100 items in a later
      version of my page: my priority of the moment is other stuff not in my
      direct line of interest. Translation: the cheap stuff is listed first!

      The rest is accumulated bits of stuff from old hamfests.

      Putting my list on my Web site makes it easy for me to update and
      modify. Anyone is welcome to link to that page. If there is good
      feedback I may keep it up well after the event, for MARCH members to
      look at for the status of some of the items I've specifically listed.
      Otherwise it has links to the usual places on my Web site.

      Herb Johnson

      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
      <a href="http://retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/"> web site</a>
      <a href="http://retrotechnology.net/herbs_stuff/"> domain mirror</a>
      my email address: hjohnson AAT retrotechnology DOTT com
      if no reply, try in a few days: herbjohnson ATT comcast DOTT net
      "Herb's Stuff": old Mac, SGI, 8-inch floppy drives
      S-100 IMSAI Altair computers, docs, by "Dr. S-100"
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