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4285Woz's book

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Oct 1, 2006
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      Just finished reading Woz's new autobiography. It's very, very, very
      good. It might not have all the technical detail you could want, but
      mostly he explains the why and how of all his major accomplishments
      and influential experiences. The book probably could have been 500
      pages and I did get the impression that some things were glossed over,
      but it's not like the book is fluffy, in fact Woz admits plenty of
      mistakes too (not just bragging about his successes.) Even at 300
      page, the book is VERY readable because he writes just like he talks
      -- very naturally and engaging. (Contrast that against Brian
      Bagnall's Commodore book a year or two ago, which is full of technical
      detail, but I was a serious chore to read because it was so poorly

      So anyway, go buy and read this book. I read the whole thing in two
      sittings, couldn't put it down.

      A tiny spoiler: Woz says his favorite project was ... the Apple //c.
      I wasn't expecting that!