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4257Next work day at InfoAge: Sat., Oct. 14

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Sep 26, 2006
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      Put it on your calendars ... Saturday, Oct. 14 will be our next day to work
      at InfoAge. Start at 10AM like last time.

      Tentative plan: paint the first museum room that we cleared and cleaned last
      time, clear and clean the second room. (We have three rooms to start with.)
      Also finish restoring the three mini-exhibits that we got from the patent
      office (Kilby, Noyce, Forrester), and clean / repair our three new (well,
      new used) display cases.

      Now that our storage room has a lock, people can start bringing anything
      that they were reluctant to leave unsecured in the past.

      Also: the guy from that Star Trek event didn't come through. I tried.

      - Evan
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