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4256Swap Meet Update - More items

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  • B. Degnan
    Sep 26, 2006
      More items that I will possibly be bringing (space permitting) for bargain
      basement or under bargain basement prices:

      2 Burroughs Comptometers (one works or appears to work, other needs
      restoration) 1930's era
      1 Monroe electronic adding machine "calculator" Model 8F-213 ~1961?
      1 IBM Personal Computer graphics printer model 5152
      IBM PS/2 80 386 model 8580
      DEC Letterprinter 100 - nice
      NEC Spinwriter 3515 - dirty but appears intact
      IBM Displaywriter w/o top, w/keyboard (I will probably bundle with the
      other displaywriter)
      IBM PS/2 Model 50
      Government Issue Variac-like device from VietNam era
      misc disk drives 5 1/4"
      Spectra-Physics model 132 laser (does not work)