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4147The email you've been waiting for! MARCH museum exhibit ideas...

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Sep 11, 2006
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      Now that we've got some real museum space under renovation (albeit there is
      still lots to do), it is time to put serious consideration into our first

      I have a bunch of ideas. Some ideas for the first two or three exhibits
      - Computers of the Mid-Atlantic and/or Computers of New Jersey -- appeals to
      the local audience.
      - The personal computer revolution -- colorful, flexible to design, easy to
      get lots of stuff that still works.
      - Computers in the Army (ENIAC, ENIGMA, SAGE, early microprocessors, etc.)
      -- this would be a great tie-in to the rest of InfoAge and would certainly
      help us gain the respect of InfoAge's management who are very
      military-centric in their vision for the facility.

      Future ideas:
      - The history of videogames / PC games -- appeals to children and their
      nerdy fathers.
      - Computing in business -- the opportunity to play with Big Iron, terminals,
      - Portable computing -- abacii, slide rules, calculators, luggables,
      laptops, handhelds (this exhibit is my pet project!)
      - Operating systems -- speaks for itself and makes Mark "I (heart) OS/2
      Warp!" Dodel happy. :)
      - Applications -- a wide-open category, maybe narrow it to a local focus?
      - Input-output -- speaks for itself: peripherals galore!
      - Networking -- the earliest research to Ethernet (and Vines, etc.) to
      - Computing's future -- a small exhibit that says, "You just saw the past,
      what happens next?"
      - Your idea here -- make a suggestion!

      Somebody had the idea several months ago to decorate our museum hallway's
      walls with relevant computer art, ads, headlines, maybe a timeline,
      t-shirts, logos, software boxes, etc. .... I think that's a great idea and
      it would really set apart our space. (I forget who thought of it.)

      If we work hard, then I anticipate our official "opening" by next summer,
      maybe even in time for VCF East 4.0 if we're very lucky. I also propose
      that we name it the "MARCH-Grabbe Computer Museum" in honor of Dmitry Grabbe
      who donated the vast majority of the current InfoAge computer collection.
      Then we can have a grand opening event and ceremony, etc. which will draw
      plenty of public and media interest. It would be * AWESOME * if we can
      merge that with VCF East.

      Pardon me for being redundant and getting a bit misty-eyed, but seriously,
      how cool would that be for our club after only 2.5 years of all-volunteer
      existence!? Why, I feel like a proud father already. Someone get me a

      - Evan

      * I don't smoke, so the chocolate variety is preferred.
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