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413310-7 Swap Meet Update - More items / Assistants Wanted

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  • B. Degnan
    Sep 9, 2006
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      The swap meet items list continues to grow.  New additions include:

      Apple IIe enhanced
      Apple IIe
      Apple IIGS ROM01 (3, one with a dead PS)
      Apple monochrome (tilt screen) monitors (2)
      HP 110 portable, with two 9114 drives and a Thinkjet printer. One of the 9114s powers up, but the LEDS just flash. The other 9114 is dead. Not sure about the Thinkjet. Two power packs, but no HP-IL cables. The 110 itself works.
      Teletex TTX114 daisywheel printer, with extra ribbon cartridge and manual. Has both serial and parallel interface.
      Digicom AC312 300 baud accoustic coupler

      for a complete list see:

      If you are interested in assisting with the event, please contact me directly and asap.  We need:

      1.  A person or persons to take admission payments
      2.  Persons to help get items into building and "route traffic" from parking lot to the service elevator from 8AM--10AM before the event begins.
      3.  This is a carry in--carry out event, but there will inevitably be abandoned items.  These will need to be removed after the event from the room.
      4.  A backup person or persons to help coordinate the food service in the event that plan A falls through.
      5.  Advertising/promotion assistance.
      6.  Leads to groups/persons who we can ask to purchase a booth space.

      NOTE: The Delaware Historical Society will provide labor for the set up of the tables and such, but we should be prepared to assist anyway.

      Bill Degnan

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