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4121Re: As previously asked / re: museum volunteers?

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  • Herb Johnson
    Sep 7, 2006
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "Evan Koblentz" <evan@...> wrote:
      > I asked this a while ago and nobody replied.
      > InfoAge is looking for people from each member group who can
      volunteer just
      > ** ONE DAY ** per year. It would be a Saturday or Sunday and would
      > welcoming any visitors to the main building, giving them a simple
      tour, and
      > pointing them to the preview room and/or information documents of
      > they are interested in learning about. Of course you can focus on
      MARCH if
      > they're interested.
      > Please let me know. Feel free to go off-list as well...
      > - Evan

      I'll be glad to volunteer one or two days a year, provided two things
      occur. First, I'm notified well in advance - more than a week or two -
      as to when. Second, that MARCH appoint someone who will be responsible
      for the "docent" program, so I have someone to turn to who will be
      well informed by both MARCH and by InfoAge, someone I can contact if I
      can't make it, someone to tell me if InfoAge has issues, etc. etc.
      Also, this person is the logical person to write and maintain the
      MARCH "docent document" which informs the docents about our MARCH
      exhibit and our organization; just as other clubs will have their
      documents for us when we show their exhibits.

      In addition, our docents will need documents from InfoAge about
      procedures, security, and SAFETY. If a visitor cuts their hand, who do
      they call? Stuff like that is important to document, when you need
      safety info you need it FAST. "Security" is about locking doors,
      checking alarms, or just who to call if someone is drunk.

      Does this sound too complicated, or boring, or scary? Well, consider
      two things. First, where will MARCH get those "local" members you've
      asked about? Probably from LOCAL VISITORS who are happy with what they
      see. Making visitors happy, keeping them safe, is in MARCH's best
      interests. Second, it's more FUN for the "docents" to know what to do
      and say; it's satisfying to have a visitor say "thank you" when they
      have had a good experience.

      I have a clue about this stuff, from another club I belong to. They
      have a strong visitor's program well worked out. It's fun, it's
      satisifying, and almost all our officers and active members come out
      of that program. Certainly our new members come from visitors. I'd be
      glad to share that info with you, Evan, to provide some guidance and
      examples, contact me privately. But I'm not prepared to be the "docent
      director". Things may be simple enough that you can perform that role,
      for now.

      Herb Johnson

      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
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