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4107RE: [midatlanticretro] Star Trek 40th anniversary event -- update

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Sep 6, 2006
      Here's another update. I heard back from the show organizer today. At
      first he said no and that we'd have to pay for a spot among the dealers. So
      I sent him an impassioned reply, emphasizing that we're NOT a dealer --
      anything but -- and that a kick-ass exhibit like our would help his show
      MAKE money, not cost him money. That seemed to resonate. :) He said he'll
      reconsider and will reply to me within another week or so. He also asked
      exactly how much we'd need.

      So, I want to get him a really solid answer.

      We'd participate on Sat., Nov. 11. The location is a nice hotel in
      Secaucus, NJ (right off the Turnpike near Giants Stadium.) Who is available
      that day and exactly which vintage computers running which Star Trek games
      would you demonstrate? Obviously this is a very timely request, so please
      reply ASAP. I'd like to see a huge variety of systems and game versions.

      Also, can anyone do Star Trek on an Altair and/or PDP-11? That would really
      illustrate our hobby vs. just having microcomputers. No boring PC emulators

      - Evan

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      Only a little bit to report .... I just heard back from the guy who runs the
      event company, and he said he'd really busy on the road now and will reply
      to us late next week.

      - Evan
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