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4105RE: [midatlanticretro] Re: Wilmington, DE 10-7-06 Swap Meet Update

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  • Kelly Leavitt
    Sep 6, 2006
      I would be interested at that price. I have a borrowed one, and won't buy one on ebay because of shipping problems. Herb, do you take checks? I don't usually carry cash, but for $50 I'll bring it along for a decent scope.

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      > Wilmington, DE 10-7-06 Swap Meet Update

      Bill asks for lists of items people will bring. He and I have talked
      about oscilloscopes, for servicing computers. Also, we have in this NG
      a "thread" about servicing an Apple II. Seems to me that an
      oscilloscope would be the next instrument to use to check out the
      problems with that computer.

      So I'd like to know if MARCH members even use oscilloscopes to fix
      their computers; and if anyone planning to go to Delaware in October
      would be interested in buying one. They are fragile enough, and
      sometimes heavy enough, that shipping is discouraged.

      Some of the ones I have are "rack mount" which are low and flat, maybe
      19 inches on a side; some are "desktop" which are about the size of
      what they used to call a "minitower PC" with a handle on top. Prices
      would be something like $50, not including probes which are usually
      priced from $20 and up depending.

      Herb Johnson

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