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4092Re: [midatlanticretro] Reminder -- MARCH work day next Saturday!

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  • Joe Giliberti
    Sep 3, 2006
      Do you have dust masks/resperators for use in the presence of lead paint? I don't want brain damage seven kitten brownie!

      On 9/4/06, Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:

      A friendly reminder that I'll be doing some work at the home of our future
      museum this Saturday, Sept. 9, at InfoAge -- and I could use as much help as

      A refresher: in addition to our preview room in the main building, our
      museum consists of several rooms in a hallway in the second building. The
      (flexible) plan for Saturday is to clear a bunch of junk out of one such
      room in that secondary building, determine if it needs painting and / or
      carpeting and /or any additional renovation, etc. ... I'd also like to clean
      up the three pedastal exhibits that we adopted recently for the preview room
      ... they arrived at InfoAge via the US patent office and each one is the
      size of a refridgerator, honoring Jack Kilby, Bob Noyce, and Jay Forrester.

      I'd like to get started around 10AM.

      Joe already volunteered to help. Who else is available?

      By the way, anyone who hasn't been to InfoAge since VCF will be quite
      pleasantly surprised by the condition of the main event room. At VCF there
      was mediocre paint on the walls, ugly paint on the floor, and crappy
      lighting. Now there's nice paint on the walls, a brand new hardwood floor,
      chandeliers, and a nice door leading out to the patio. They also carpeted
      all the hallways and they transformed the main lobby into something
      resembling a true hotel -- it's got a piano, luxorious chairs, table, lamp,
      etc. ... With that done Fred & Co. are moving onto finishing the lounge
      rooms (where we had the guest speakers) and to renovating another event room
      that is bigger than the current room but so well hidden you didn't even know
      it was there before! (Actually, it wasn't there before. It used to be a
      hallway and a bunch of offices branching off from the loading ramp. The
      door to that hallway was blocked off at VCF time. Now they're tearing out
      all the inside walls of that section to make one huge room.)

      - Evan

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