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4084Wilmington, DE 10-7-06 Swap Meet Update

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  • B. Degnan
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Wilmington, DE 10-7-06 Swap Meet Update

      10-7 is quickly approaching.

      Just a note to let you know that I have begun the promotion machine in Delaware area for the Swap Meet.  I have a small budget for local advertising.  If you would like to be on the Internet advertising committee, please contact me directly.  I welcome your ideas.

      If you want to be a volunteer, let me know now.  (Contact me directly)

      On a separate note, I would like to request that persons who plan to attend send me (directly) their list, in any format you'd like, or just a short paragraph..of what you 1) want 2) what you plan to bring for sale/trade.

      Remember that there is a lot of open space, you don't have to buy an exhibit table to sell/trade if you have only one item.  I will apply the "be cool about it" rule.

      If you don't plan to bring anything to trade but have a list of what you want, please send me that too.

      No, I will not go to your web site or other source and pick items for you, you have to send me your list directly in an email.  If you want to simply say "I plan to bring a car load of DEC hard drives" or "I have 10 CGA monitors" that would be fine.  The more detail the better, but I would rather have one sentence than nothing.  If you change your mind, closer to the event, you can send an update.  I make myself available, but I need your help.  I plan to post the items ONLY on marchclub.org, but not your name/contact info unless requested.

      Personally I have a full van full of stuff, maybe two trips.  Seriously!
      Everything from NOS Commodore B Series software and user guides to a DEC Professional 350 setup.  I have a lot of mystery cards from various formats, standard bus cards, PC Clones, and items that have been donated to me that need to find a home such as a 1980 Wang Writer, Banyan Server, IBM Display Writer, a shrubbery, etc. 

      If you have something that you think would be a good auction item, let me know.

      I will address exhibitor tables and such in a separate email.

      Bill Degnan
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