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4043Re: EAI TR20 Analog Computer

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  • Michael Vincents
    Aug 26, 2006
      Hi Nick,
         Congrats on getting the TR-20. I like the analogs and we have a TR-10, TR-10 hybrid, TR-20 and a TR-48.  Better yet, we have the maintanence manual for the TR-20 so I will make a copy and donate it to the club. It's a bit long (I'm guessing 300 pages)  so it might take a while.  I might have a user manual for the TR-20 also...I'll look.
          I transported my TR-20 by putting a blanket over the passenger front seat and then seatbelting the computer in, but it did take two people to load and unload it.
          Herb...someday I'd like to see your variplotter...We've been looking for one for some time.
          bye for now,

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