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4018Re: [midatlanticretro] Star Trek 40th Anniv - Sep.8th - Any collection of Vintage Star Trek Games ?

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  • Jim Scheef
    Aug 20, 2006
      Bill and all,
      My first computer game was Hunt the Wumpus on the National CSS time-sharing service back in 1976. I was working on a system implementation and was spending thousands of dollars a week in computer time. Once in a while I would take a break but I was afraid someone might look at the activity reports and find that I was playing games. National CSS was a VM/CMS-based system running on an IBM-compatible Amdahl mainframe.
      Later after I had moved into a real systems job, we had a couple of games on the mainframes. Trek was on MVS-TSO and the Adventure on VM/CMS. I'm quite sure this was an exact port of the classic Adventure as I was given a map to this game and it was identical to maps I saw later for Adventure on the IBM PC. I always assumed that Adventure started on VM/CMS!
      I have a collection of early PC games and a Trek implementation is among them. Unfortunately they are carefully "archived" to a tape that I can no longer read. They might also be on a 10M Bernoulli drive (remember those?).

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      B. Degnan wrote:

      > I have old PET (will run on any 6502 system) Star Trek stuff. I also look
      > for old Star Trek game system carts if I can find them.
      > Might be an interesting VCF or similar-type exhibit...early Star Trek
      > running on their original systems. Is there an upcoming convention in the
      > MidAtlantic? Maybe we could do a booth.

      That might be fun.

      > Slightly off topic...Speaking of OSI ... I was reading last night about
      > to convert BASIC code from PET to OSI.

      Cool. Book or magazine article?
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