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3999Re: Oops -- RE: [midatlanticretro] S-100 systems

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  • B. Degnan
    Aug 15, 2006
      I would be interested in S-100 era, S-50, etc. I am sure there are a lot of
      others. A lot of us in this group are new to the S-100 hardware and we
      need to learn more to even know what we need, if you know what I mean. I
      was too young to have access to systems from the 70's. You could both
      educate and sell at a swap meet like we have planned.

      A working S-100 system today is an accomplishment.

      At 07:02 PM 8/15/2006 -0400, you wrote:
      >(chuckle) Well, I *am* Dr. S-100. I'm not afraid of the truth; can you
      >handle the truth? ;)
      >Seriously, I have one working S-100 system I was going to take to
      >Deleware: a Northstar Horizon, which boots from two 5.25 inch drives.
      >Uses hard-sectored disks of course. But I have some other S-100 systems
      >I need to massage before I know if they will boot or not; don't know
      >when that will be. No Altairs for sale, not this year.
      >A P4 at 1.8GHz would be of incremental interest, presumably with DDR
      >memory and not RamBus, but anymore they are not hard to come across
      >cheap, some tens of dollars. I could trade a couple of 800MHz P3's for
      >one I suppose...
      >Kelly, you should contact me privately about this need for S-100 stuff.
      >Herb Johnson
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