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3991Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Rescue: 2 Altair 8800's !

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  • B. Degnan
    Aug 13 7:27 PM
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      At present I have the original user manual for the 8800b, including a promo
      poster (I forget who is on it though). I also have a lot of 8800bt stuff,
      maybe a the Altair disk drive manual too. I don't believe I have anything
      that is not found in many other places. I'll send a complete inventory of
      all my Altair docs including the new stuff to the group asap, and post on
      our club inventory site. I have to poke around a little.

      To answer your other question....I am a frequent poster to
      vintage-computer.com/vcforums/ (Eric Kline's board), and I also post from
      time to time on the Altair Yahoo group, the CBM hackers (cbm-hackers),
      comp.sys.cbm, alt.folklore.computers, comp.sys.tandy, comp.sys.apple,
      old-computers.com, I have a little blog of my own on vintagecomputer.net,
      and so on. Depends what project I am working on at the time.

      Bill D

      > >
      > > Today I got a call about 2 Altair computers. I am going to pick
      > > them up Weds. ...
      > > It pays to post on message boards, that's how the guy found me.
      > >
      > > Bill D
      >Congrats! Let me know what you got at some point, maybe I can add some
      >docs to my archives (via photocopies). Or you may need some of my docs.
      >By the way, er, what message boards DO you post on...?
      >Herb Johnson
      >usual .sig available elsewhere
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