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3979History of Commodore Computers Poster for Sale

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  • B. Degnan
    Aug 5, 2006
      I checked our group and I never sent an official pitch email about my
      Commodore poster for sale. Hope you don't mind that I do it now.

      If you're interested please visit my site to purchase. If you indicate
      that your purchase came from MARCH in the paypal comments I will donate a
      portion of the proceeds to the group.


      Poster includes hi-resolution images of rare and hard-to-find systems
      including the KIM 1, PET 2001, PET 4016, PET 8032, VIC-20, C-64, C-64C,
      SX-64, C-128, C-128D, B-128, CBM 256-80, P-500, Plus/4, C-16, C-116, VC-20,
      Amiga 500, and selected diskette drives.

      USA Ship $3.00

      Thanks - Bill D