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  • midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
    May 1, 2005
      MARCH frequently asked questions

      1. I'm a nerd and live somewhere between New York and Virginia, yet I
      never heard of you before.

      That's because we are new. We began in early 2005.

      2. What does MARCH mean?

      We're "Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists" -- an informal club /
      user group for fans of vintage computers. Our online home is
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/midatlanticretro/ -- we chose Yahoo not
      because of its technical superiority (LOL!) but because it is
      accessible to the masses.

      3. Just how informal?

      Informal enough that we have no officers and charge no dues, but not
      so informal that we lack a mission.

      4. What is this mission of which you speak?

      Our mission is simply to bring together local collectors, both offline
      and online, for fun and information sharing.

      5. By 'vintage' do you mean, like, this old junky 486 in my closet?

      No. Someday that might be the case, but for now, no. We mean the old
      and not-so-junky Apple II hidden behind your 486. We also mean your
      Northstar Horizon, DEC PDP-11, Xerox Alto, Commodore Vic-20, and --
      well you get the idea. There used to be "the 10 year rule" saying
      "it's vintage if it's more than 10 years old" but now that could mean
      Windows 95 and Pentiums, and we definitely do NOT mean those.
      Nowadays, "vintage" for computer collectors means (more or less)
      anything from the pre-286 era. Well, a copy of Windows 1.0 is vintage
      software I guess. But in general, if it runs Windows, we're not
      interested. That is NOT a function of being inherently anti-
      Microsoft. It's a function of Windows simply not being obsolete yet.
      We can hope. ;)

      6. I still don't get it. Where can I learn more about what's vintage?

      Many places. Pick up a copy of the book "Collectible Microcomputers"
      by Michael Nadeau. Or for non-micro aspects, go online. Heck, go
      online anyway. Check out the classiccmp.org mailing lists; the
      Vintage Computer Festival (vintage.org); old-computers.com; and many,
      many, many others.

      7. Where can I buy/sell/trade old computers?

      If you're in the mid-Atlantic region, than please try the "Virtual
      Swap Meet" table in our Yahoo group database. Otherwise, try Sellam
      Ismail's site (http://marketplace.vintage.org) or Erik Klein's site
      (http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum) or as a last resort, eBay.

      8. Okay, let's say I am interested in joining MARCH. How?

      Just post a friendly message to our boards introducing yourself.
      Include your name, where you're from in the region, and what you
      collect. Presto! You're joined.

      9. That's cool. So what do you geeks actually DO here?

      We're currently figuring that out. Our first offline event was a
      vintage computers exhibit at the 30th Trenton Computer Festival.

      10. What is the Trenton Computer Festival?

      A 30-year-old show open to the public. It is held at The College of
      New Jersey, formerly known as Trenton State College, in Ewing, NJ.
      This year it was on April 16-17. Please see tcf-nj.org for more

      11. How can I participate?

      Send a group message, look through our "Who's bringing what to TCF"
      table in the database section, and/or send a private message to me.

      12. Who's me?

      Sorry. I'm Evan Koblentz. A fellow big nerd. I'm in central NJ.
      You can reach me at evan947@....

      13. Okay, ummm, so what else will MARCH do?

      We have a few ideas. We will probably have multiple swap meets. We
      may be hosting future, regional iterations of the already famous
      Vintage Computer Festival. We might even run our own museum, in
      conjunction with the NJ Antique Radio Club -- see infoage.org.

      13. MARCH is primarily a Jersey thing?

      No. It's just a coincidence. We have members all around, from
      upstate New York to central Pennsylvania to Virginia. We will plan
      our future events all over the area.

      14. I have some other question not on this FAQ.

      Okay. Tell us what it is. Do so again by posting to our message
      boards or pinging me offline.
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