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3933RE: [midatlanticretro] Re: October 7th Wilm. Delaware Swap Meet Info Update

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Aug 1, 2006
      I expect the swapmeet to be a complete hodgepodge of everything. There
      would naturally be more 70s/80s micro gear because so much more of that
      equipment was manufactured. LOL, but I can vouch for anyone that you are
      not an evil dealer-type.

      As far as I'm concerned, the cut-off date is * understood * to just keep out
      the 286-and-newer PC gear. Yes, we fully intend to be snobby about that.

      I don't have much to sell from my personal collection, because (as a general
      rule) I don't buy stuff unless I really want it. But I'm sure a few things
      will turn up.

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      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, billdeg@... wrote:
      > 1989 is the advertised cutoff date. Bring your old stuff, hopefully
      you can
      > get a good price for it.
      > Bill D

      I'm going to add some discussion from my end, to shed a bit more light about
      my thoughts. I don't expect to change the date this time, but discussion may
      affect the cuttoff date or planning for another such event.

      I was surprised by the 1989 cutoff, because in prior discussion a "ten year
      cutoff" was mentioned, which would have been 1996. That eliminates any
      Pentium computers for instance, which is a good thing.
      But the mid-1990's INCLUDES some reasonably neat old desktop computers from
      SGI, Sun, DEC and so forth. These are now in surplus AND most diehard
      collectors of those systems have them already - that keeps the price lower
      than it was several years ago.

      I have a small station wagon. So I can't just bring a lot of stuff and hope
      some will sell, or that a lot will sell really cheap. I have to be
      thoughtful about what to bring in the hopes that most of it will not come
      back. The event was discussed to be mostly, if not entirely, a sales event -
      not a show and tell event - so I'm not being excessively mercenary, I think.

      So I have a stack of SGI Indy computers that I could offer for maybe $10-$20
      each because there are few inquiries about them today. But they were built
      in the early 1990's and so I can't bring them. OTOH I have some HP 87
      desktops, they were offered in 1982 so they make the cut, but probably at a
      few hundred dollars each (?). I have some Apple II type items, but they go
      for zero or a few tens of dollars - not worth the space they'd take up in my

      Almost none of my Macintosh stuff will pass the "1989" test; just some
      compact Macs like the Plus and older. Not even the Color Classic makes the
      cut, it's from 1993.

      And what about old S-100 stuff? will anyone there be interested in a big box
      with some boards in it, if it does not say "IMSAI" or "MITS"?
      I can bring a working Northstar Horizon (an S-100 system) but again it's a
      $200 or more proposition; and would a NorthStar Advantage (not S-100, looks
      like a terminal) sell for a similar price or just look funny on my table?

      I'm reluctant to lay out this discussion, because I'm sure someone will look
      at my comments and say "dealer" and then make spitting sounds. But if this
      event is actually intended to let folks bring a few odd bits from their
      collection and to swap them around while chatting or playing games - and
      there is nothing wrong with that - then I want to know ASAP. I'll choose a
      few things to bring, not care if they sell, and fit right in.

      But if people attending hope to buy stuff, I want some clues about their
      interests. If it's all strictly about the mass produced machines of the
      1980's - Commodores, Atari, Tandy, Apple and so forth - then I don't have
      much to offer. If there is no interest in old iron from the classic computer
      companies, or no interest in now-obscure computers of the 1970's and early
      80's, then I won't fill my car with them and drive them to Deleware.

      No insult meant by any of this. Bill is a good fellow, it's his event and he
      can do it as he chooses. I just want some clues from MARCH members who hope
      to attend.

      Herb Johnson

      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
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      href="http://retrotechnology.net/herbs_stuff/"> domain mirror</a> my email
      address: hjohnson AAT retrotechnology DOTT com if no reply, try in a few
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      floppy drives S-100 IMSAI Altair computers, docs, by "Dr. S-100"

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