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392Re: [midatlanticretro] looking for MS-Fortran (early)

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    Apr 27, 2005
      Chris, I used Yahoo search and entered: MS Fortran, then clicked on SEARXH
           The first numbered item on the result was a complete discri[tion of every version of MS Fortran, and more.  I tried to find it with Google, without any luck
      Ray Borill

      Chris M <chrism3667@...> wrote:

      BOYD BORRILL <b.r.borrill@...> wrote:
           I don't remember a MS Fortran, although that doesn't mean much,, but Cromrmco had a very good Fortran compiler written for the Z80, if that is any help.
      Ray Borrill
      There were many versions from Microsoft. When Computer Factory went out of business about 1990, they had a big clearance sale in Middletown, NY. Why I ramble on about this stuff, I don't know. There was a boxed version there for 100 bucks, but I said no way. I think it was version 5.x.
       I'll bet there's a Fortran history page somewhere on the net (I should know by now you'd think!). If not, it would be an interesting undertaking.

      billdeg@... wrote:
      ...so there is hope...

      YO! Thanks!

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