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3910Changing road trip to Sat./Sun. -- saving $$$

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jul 27, 2006
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      Would our road trip appeal to more MARCHins if we made it just Saturday and
      Sunday? That means nobody has to take a day off from work, and everyone
      would save money by having one night in the hotel instead of two nights.

      The new, better-planned itinerary:

      - Arrive at RICM by, say, 10AM. Spend a couple of hours there.
      - Noon-ish: lunch, then drive 1 hour north to You-Do-It Electronics.
      - 3-ish: check into hotel, then visit Quantum Books (closes at 5)
      - Evening: Harvard, check out Mark 1 computer etc., eat & be merry...

      (If nobody wants to wake up very early Saturday, then we can eliminate the
      visit to You-Do-It Electronics, and just start the day at noon instead. On
      the other hand, YDI is an amazing store!! It's too giant floors. The first
      floor is nothing but electronics parts and tools, and the second floor is
      all consumer electronics. Naturally we'd spend most of our time on the
      first floor.)

      - Morning: MIT Swapmeet (opens at 9AM), then lunch
      - Afternoon: MIT Museum (open until 5PM)
      - MIT Press Bookstore (open until 6PM)

      The only thing we'd not see is the MIT Coop Bookstore, but that's mostly
      academic books and MIT paraphenalia, so it is no big deal. If anyone really
      wants an MIT shirt or whatever, you could get it when we visit Quantum Books
      (they're right across the street.)