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3896RE: [midatlanticretro] HOPE conference yesterday -- great time!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jul 24, 2006
      FYI, Sam Nitzberg said he took some pictures and that he'll email them to me

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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] HOPE conference yesterday -- great time!

      Our exhibit yesterday at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference was a great

      This was a very different than our past experiences at TCF / VCF / InfoAge.
      Instead of row after row of organized booths, there was basically just a
      whole floor of random groups, vendors, and demonstrations. For example, our
      neighbors included a lock-picking lab, an open-source fashion studio, all
      kinds of networking vendors, and a big movie area filled with hammocks
      instead of chairs. (I don't have pictures, does anyone else?)

      I arrived at about 7:30 and soon found Sellam and Sridhar. Then a guy named
      Greg from the conference took us upstairs to the exhibits floor. He let us
      pick our own area for the booth, so we chose a high-traffic corner. He
      helped us quickly pull together three 10-foot tables, tablecloths, and
      electrical power. Bill Sudbrink and Bill Degnan both arrived soon after.
      The four of us have all done exhibits before so we were ready to go in very
      little time. The use of PVC pipes as a frame for the MARCH vinyl banner
      worked very well.

      The HOPE attendees loved our exhibit. These people were all serious geeks,
      much moreso than at TCF. Many of them were also collectors, but in most
      cases they just weren't aware of VCF and the semi-organized parts of our
      hobby. Most of them had very kind words for what we're doing as a club, and
      many expressed interest in helping us. The people traffic was very busy
      from about 9:30 to lunchtime. Sam Nitzberg, in his panel with Sellam and
      Jason Scott at 1:00 (on a different floor), directed that audience to our
      booth so they'd see the subjects in person. Sure enough, at around 2:00,
      the traffic picked up again, as strong as in the morning. It was super-busy
      all the way until about 6:30 when we started packing up and planning for
      dinner (at the nearby Stage Door Deli), during which time we stashed (LOL,
      more like "stuffed") our gear into Jason's hotel room.

      My only regret is that we weren't able to stay for a second day. That's
      something we can plan for next year, now that we know it's worthwhile!

      Thanks to everyone who helped!

      - Evan

      Sam: please forward my thanks to Greg if you have any way of reaching him.

      Jason: sorry that I forgot to return your hotel key! I didn't realize that
      until we were back in New Jersey, and you happened to call at the same time.

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