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3846New Items for Swap Meet or InfoAge

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  • B Degnan
    Jul 19, 2006
      I have received the following items. These will be put into the
      auction in October and the remainder will be offered for donation
      to InfoAge.

      1. Banyan Systems network File Server BNS386 (anyone know VINES?)

      2. Wangwriter Model 5503 c. 1980

      3. IBM Displaywriter System Chassis (without monitor or keyboard)

      4. Synoptics Mod 2350 8 port concentrator (2)

      5. Novell Netware Security Key Card c. 1988

      6. Excelan, Inc. 8 port ethernet (pre 10b 2) hub

      7. Kinetics model KFPS-4 Ethernet-->Apple Talk boxes. 10 base2
      802.3B (2)

      8. Hitachi 2.4 MB 5/14 drive HFD532EIU internal, unsure what this
      would go into.

      9. Chatterbox Series 4000 backplane for ?? by J & L Information

      If anyone is interested in these items, let me know.

      Bill D

      -- E N D --
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