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3765RE: [midatlanticretro] Manual for Commodore SX64

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  • Kelly Leavitt
    Jul 6, 2006
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      There was one at the bottom of the pile. Now I have 2 128 manuals, 5 64 manuals, and 1 sx64 manual (and the Digital Research manual for CP/M for the 128). Lots of manuals that I didn't even realise were in the box.

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      The user guide or anything related to the sx64 other than the computer
      itself is very rare. I have never seen a boxed sx64. Very few sx-
      64's are fully functional.

      I am surprized that there is at least one url for the sx-64 manual.
      http://zimmers.net/index.html does not have one. I guess everyone
      just figures that you'd use the c64 user's guide and the 1541 drive
      guide for answers.


      At Wednesday, 05 July 2006, you wrote:

      >Kelly Leavitt wrote:
      >> Are there scanned copies anywhere? This weekend's haul had the
      CPM manual
      >and disks, but no manuals for the SX64 or the 128.
      >> Thanks,
      >> Kelly
      > Here http://project64.c64.org/archive.htm are some docs, but it
      >doesn't look like it has the SX-64 user guide.
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