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3750Date suggestion: 8/19-20, was: Boston-area road trip

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jul 4, 2006
      After much consideration, I humbly suggest a three-day weekend of Fri, Aug. 18 - Sun., Aug 20 for our Boston-area road trip.  I chose this weeekend because the MIT swap meet is only held once a month.  July's is the 16th, which is probably too soon for most people to plan and get Friday off from work.  September is no good for me personally, and I'm not going to plan a road trip that I can't attend!  So that leaves August and late October.  October, in my opinion, is also no good for a variety of reasons, the most serious being cold weather and being too near date-wise to VCF.
      As for travel, we can reverse-engineer that plan based on the itinerary (below), devising a few meet-up points until the whole caravan is together.  We could rent a large van to travel together, or we could have some people volunteer to do the driving, with passengers paying for the gas and tolls.
      Either way, here is an itinerary:
      - Morning -- Take the I-95 route (rather than the I-84/I-90 route), get to Rhode Island by the early afternoon
      - Have a quick lunch, then visit Rhode Island Computer Museum (I'll make an appointment)
      - Drive one more hour north, spend an hour at You-Do-It Electronics (open until 9pm weekdays)
      - Check into a hotel in Cambridge, have late dinner (lots of stuff open late in Cambridge!)
      - Morning: Two excellent bookstores (MIT Coop, Quantum Books, and they're across the street from each other!)
      - Mid-day: Take the subway one stop to Harvard Square, see the Mark-1 computer etc., have lunch
      - Afternoon: Wide open -- perhaps New England Aquarium (pricey), Science Museum (mostly kid stuff) -- or we could actually get some culture and visit some tourist spots in Boston, such as Quincy Market (amazing food and shopping), walk the Freedom Trail (Rev. War stuff), etc. ... LOL and at some point we'll have to pose for pictures on the legendary "Smoots" bridge.
      - Evening: We can vote on a fun activity, such as Jillians (massive place to play arcade/amusement-style games), F1 Boston (massive indoor go-kart racing, althought that would require driving, it's not on the subway), or bar-hopping in Cambridge (Harvard / Central / Kendall squares)
      - MIT Swap Meet, 9am-2pm, followed by lunch, followed by MIT Press Bookstore (open until 6pm)
      - Slow drive home, maybe a pit stop to see collections of Jim (Hartford area, CT) or Sridhar (in Poughkeepsie, NY)...?
      Just so everyone knows, I chose this weekend because the MIT swap meet is only once per month.  The timing means I'll have to miss watching three Yankees-Red Sox games (the Yanks will actually be in Boston that weekend, just like us), so that ought to show just much I care about MARCH!!!   :)
      For planning purposes (hotel, RICM, people taking off work Friday, etc.), please let me know if you can attend ** AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. **
      The actual itinerary can and probably will change; suggestions for that are welcome.
      As for the hotel, I will look for someplace moderately priced.  Someplace nicer than a Days Inn, but cheaper than a Marriott.
      - Evan

      From: Evan Koblentz [mailto:evan@...]
      Sent: Monday, May 29, 2006 1:22 AM
      To: midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [midatlanticretro] MARCH event thread #2: possible New England road trip

      We discussed this idea last fall.

      There is much to see in New England, mostly in the Boston area, regarding
      vintage computers and other things of interest.

      A list: You-Do-It Electronics (a tinkerer's superstore), Rhode Island
      Computer Museum, MIT Museum, Harvard's public exhibit of the Mark-1 computer
      and others, and three excellent technical bookstores within a one-block
      space.  Boston's Science Museum is more for children, but they do have a
      cool planetarium and IMAX theater.  There's also the New England Aquarium
      which is extremely good although the tickets are a bit pricey.

      Some things are closed on Sundays, so ideally we'd do this trip on a Friday
      and Saturday, or maybe even a Friday-Sunday.  We'd want to have a few people
      volunteer with large vehicles (i.e., not my two-seater!) so we can carry
      home any goodies.  Given modern gas prices, it would be fair that whoever's
      not driving chip in extensively for those who are driving.  (I'm just
      assuming it would be too expensive for us to rent a van or bus.)  A few of
      us also lived in the Boston/Cambridge area fairly recently, so we still know
      where to get the best nerd-inspiring food and such.

      The middle of August would be a good time for this event.  Yes, it'll be hot
      outside, but it's far enough in the future to leave us some planning time,
      and it won't interfere with all the college kids moving back in September.
      (The metro Boston area has more colleges per capita than anyplace else on

      Who's generally interested in going?

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