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3737Re: OT - Hamfest next Sunday (7/9)

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  • Herb Johnson
    Jul 3, 2006
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      --- "Kelly Leavitt" <kelly@...> wrote:
      > For 2005, I know there were 40 "indoor" vendors with tables and
      displays, and around 200 tailgaters with stuff to sell. I don't know
      how well stuff sold since I work the gate. By the time I'm off duty, I
      would assume most of the "good stuff" is gone. There was a lot of test
      scopes, probes, parts, supplies, and of course lots of radio equipment.
      > Hope some of you can make it.
      > Kelly

      Thanks for the reply. In the last few years I've attended hamfests
      from Rochester NY to Tinmonium MD. It ain't like it used to be! Venues
      are smaller, attendence is smaller. Some hamfests have died altogether.

      The majority of items offered for sale are now COMPUTERS or computer
      parts - a vast majority of which were PC/Windows systems new and
      "old", then some commercial Sun/SGI/HP type stuff, old network
      controllers, other industrial grot. Second is anything radio, split
      between new vendors and used vendors, and some antique radio stuff.
      Parts dealers are roughly third, again new or used. The
      back-of-the-car sellers outnumber the dealers, and include those who
      have the old non-Windows stuff of interest to most of us, and a
      variety of everything else. There's often a few guys with a truck of
      stuff they can't sell commercially, they are at the 'fest to dump cheap.

      (Anyone else see anything different? I'd like to know!)

      But if you see a lot of test stuff and radio equipment at the END of
      the show, that's BAD - it means it did not sell! It might be good if
      you are a buyer, it pressures prices down. But what does not sell,
      will not be brought next time (or only junk quality will be brought),
      so it's bad in the long run. In a large event there will still be a
      few tables with quality stuff, a few with cheap stuff. Cheap and
      quality get bought at 6AM by the other dealers!

      The MIT Flea market is a little different; it's worth noting as MARCH
      has discussed a trip there. It's a monthly event during the season,
      with a mix of regulars and irregulars, and more old stuff and more
      non-PC stuff. More fun in my opinion, I've enjoyed buying and selling
      there. This leads to some good news for MARCH.

      I think a MARCH-sponsored flea market with a narrow focus can work IN
      THE LONG RUN. If we do a REGULAR event, narrow it to old computers
      only, we can draw both vendors AND buyers. If buyers will actually
      BUY, that will draw quality items (i.e. working and complete). It also
      encourages inexpensive items like some gaming computers, which
      otherwise would cost more to ship and eBay than they'd sell for.

      HErb Johnson

      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
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