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3731question about hard drive analysis

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  • B. Degnan
    Jul 2, 2006
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      I have a general question:

      Let's say you get a pile of hard drives from the ST506-era MFM's.

      What do you personally do to try to determine the status of the drives?

      I put them into a working IBM XT and run a program I have called
      Spinrite. It works great to recover a hard drive. If the drives had been
      installed in a non-IBM system I assume that I can't read them right off,
      but should not I be able to run fdisk or use a hard drive analysis program
      at least? Once a drive has been formatted for PC DOS can you re-partition
      and install in a different kind of system (like a DEC or Tandy?)

      Any other methods out there? I ask because I am 4 for 4 bad hard disks
      today and I wonder if maybe it's my method. Only two of the 4 report 1701
      errors when the computer boots, so I wonder if maybe the other two are
      simply too alien to be recognized by Spinrite?

      Bill D
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