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3725Re: OT - Hamfest next Sunday (7/9)

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  • Herb Johnson
    Jul 2, 2006
      A hamfest is not off-topic for old computer collectors; I see
      old computers at every such event I've gone to. (The topic post refers
      to the Sussex County NJ ham fest.) How many vendors were there last
      year? Did much test equipment (scopes, meters, etc.) sell last time?
      (Now that's OT I'll admit.) Was there anything older than the Radio
      Shack and SGI stuff you mentioned, and did it SELL? Here's a link:


      It's odd, you'd think that the Web would be full of descriptions of past
      and recent hamfests, so I would not have to ask. I'm a dealer, I LOOK
      for such descriptions. But all I find, at best, are someone's photos of
      the event - and mostly of FACES, familiar people, not what was offered!

      I'm afraid these venues are running out of steam, for reasons one can
      easily guess. Speaking of steam, I may be at the Tuckahoe MD Steam event
      that weekend. I'm a fan of old engines and machine tools. Also I love
      the Eastern Shore area in the MD penninsula, it's great camping, good
      people and good food. The show is Thursday-Sunday, I haven't set my
      dates to attend, depends on camping and weather.


      It's unlikely there will be any old computers there. But not impossible,
      a dealer can have ANYTHING. I picked up an analog computer at one show.
      Also, engines and tools do a kind of ANALOG computation, with cams; they
      have control mechanisms, feedback like governors. There are a number of
      technologists who like steam and iron. And MARCH officers could learn
      museum skills about presentation and interpretation from the exhibitors
      and the museums associated with these kinds of shows.

      Herb Johnson

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