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372RE: [midatlanticretro] Bringing up old topics... And a new one too.

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  • Evan
    Apr 26, 2005
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      Maybe, but have you ever tried prouncining "MAVCH"...?
      I think people "get" what we're about well enough.

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      Subject: Re: [midatlanticretro] Bringing up old topics... And a new one too.


      I enjoy collecting also, but I'm not an active member here. I had a comment about the term 'Retro' which I've seen this used elsewhere with other activities such as gaming. The computer collecting has more of a historical significance which the term 'Classic' or 'Vintage' usually implies (as in classic muscle cars, not retro muscle cars). By this I mean , as being viewed by someone outside the classic computer community to which this is being promoted. The term 'retro' usually has a connotation that this is some sort of fad which isn't taken seriously.


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      David V. Corbin wrote:


      I think I may be the one who introduced “Computer” rather than “Computing”. Actually I prefer the latter. Running OS/8 [PDP PDP-8 O/S] on an emulator qualifies as retro-computing. Studing documentation/histories/personal stories [IMHO] qualifies also.

      At least I corrected the type where I had it as Mid-Atlantic-Micro-Computing….Me BAD, but all better now.


      Ps: I know I promised to put the link to the yahoo groups on the page. Hopefully within 24 hours….

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      Subject: Re: [midatlanticretro] Bringing up old topics... And a new one too.

      Computer puts emphasis on the machines, computing on some sort of activity.

      BOYD BORRILL <b.r.borrill@...> wrote:

      Evan, I vote for "Computer" because it is not restrictive, while "computing"
       assumes some acctivity that (by definition) must produce something.  Now take me for example, I don't write programs and I no longer have any place to actually work on hardware, but I am interested in every aspect of computers, often write about them, read about them, go to where they will be on display and on and on and on -----

      Evan <evan947@...> wrote:

      Hi again, MARCHers.

      Here are the old topics:

      1. Back in the pre-historic days (I mean early this year before we had the
      Yahoo group) the initial four or five of us discussed via direct email what
      the name of the club should be.  And thus MARCH was born.

      I always thought it was Mid-Atlantic Retro "Computing" Hobbyists.  But
      tonight I saw it listed on our under-construction new web site as

      Now that we have many more members (a whopping 67, LOL, how did THAT
      happen!?), I'd like to hear new and fresh opinions on this detail of our
      name.  Should it be "Computing" or "Computer"...?

      [The rest of the name and acronym itself aren't up for discussion, unless
      someone at some point in the future happens to think of something absolutely
      brilliant, in which I'll say "hey, I'm open-minded you know" and then
      probably take credit for it. :)  ]

      2. There are not yet any responses to my call for a volunteer to run the
      club's public outreach.  So I guess that means yours truly will continue
      doing it.  Goal #1 on my list is arranging a time for us to visit with the
      Infoage museum folks (see prior list messages about that) so that we might
      plan a club museum.

      New topic: MARCHer of the Month Award!  Someone suggested this recently
      although I totally am spacing out trying to remember who it was.  Anyway, I
      think that's a super idea.

      So I'll make this retroactive to our humble beginnings in January 2005.

      January 2005: Andy Meyer.  Andy is the guy responsible for dreaming up this
      club's existence.  Without his idea, the rest of us wouldn't be reading this
      email.  In fact, WAY BACK in June 2004, he posted a message to
      http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum with the remarkable subject line
      "Where my Jersey boyz at?" and the even more sophisticated message text
      "Hey, yo... anybody near Scotch Plains ?", to which I replied.

      February 2005: TCF added us to their web site, which was a tremendous boost
      for our nascent organization.  It was TCF's Erik Wendt and also the show's
      webmaster (I forget his name) who were responsible for this.  So the award
      for February is an honorary one to the TCF staff in general for welcoming us
      in and spreading the word.

      March 2005: Holy cow, March was an incredibly busy month.  But one person
      who seemed almost invisible from our Yahoo group discussions was David
      Gesswein.  Why?  Because he was too busy preparing his DEC PDP-8/e for the
      TCF show.  That turned out to be the coolest, most attention-grabbing part
      of our exhibit.  I mean, as neat as all of the microcomputer stuff is,
      you're not a REAL vintage tech club until you have some big iron!

      April 2005: A three-way tie between Herb Johnson (the honorary member who
      funded our domain name purchase), David Corbin (who's providing the server
      hosting), and John Allain (our volunteer webmaster).

      I'll be looking for nominations in the future.

      - Evan

      Evan Koblentz's personal homepage: www.snarc.net

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